Calculate using the appropriate financial equations.




Students are required to:

1. CaLculate using excel;

2. Calculate using the tables;

3. Calculate using the financial calculator; and

4. Calculate using the appropriate financial equations.

This assignment is worth 15% of your overall assessment.


The following governing conditions apply to the Presentation:

> The title page is to include the following in the order specified:

l/ Name of Education Institution (at top of page)

2/ Title of Course and Course code

3/ Name of Students and ID numbers

4/ Title of Project

5/ Date submitted

6/ Name of Lecturer.

> Reference page (APA Format)

> Font Size: 12 pt.

> Font Style: Times New Roman

> You are required to e-mail a soft- copy to the Lecturer at

This assessment is worth 15% of your total marks and must be done within the deadline specified.

Failure to do so will result in an automatic grade of zero. Plagiarism, improper documentation and

blatant careless incorrect grammar and spelling will be penalized by the loss of 2.5 marks of your grade

in each case.

End of Assignment

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