Capgemini compmany is an IT company. It has a number of employees.

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business case study 3- Capgemini company

Capgemini compmany is an IT company. It has a number of employees. The attributes of Employee include employee ID, name, address, and birth date. The company also has several projects. Attributes of project include projectName and startDate. Each project has some resources. A resource can be used in different projects. We need to record for each resource its type (software/hardware), price, brand, and date of use. Each employee may be assigned to one or more projects or may not be assigned to a project. The IT department manges many projects. The IT departemt has a director, budget, etc.  Clients contract these projects. The clients name, address and phone number must be recorded. A project must have at least one employee assigned, and it may have any number of employees assigned. Each project has only one project manager. An employee’s billing rate may vary by project, and the company wishes to record the applicable billing rate for each employee when assigned to a particular project. At the end of each month, the company mails a check to each employee who has worked on a project during that month. The check amount is based on the billing rate and the hours logged for each project assigned to the employee

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