Child Right Policies assignment help

social sciences


Assignment Description:

Type: Trifold Newsletter

Theme: Child rights policies with emphasis on the Early Childhood Care and Education sector

You are required to create a Newsletter guided by the following:  

v    Identify THREE child right policies that exist in your country to safeguard the rights of young children.

v    Depict, using a chart, graphic or any other creative means how preschoolers can benefit from the full enforcement of the THREE policies highlighted.

v    Identify TWO policies you would like to see improved or added. Explain why.

v    Highlight TWO activist that advocates for child rights internationally.


  •   Be creative
  •   Your Newsletter must consist of at least three (3) references 
  •   You should refer to APA (6th Edition) referencing style in completing the assignment
  •   The Newsletter must be tri-fold (letter size) or any other acceptable formatting that denotes a Newsletter

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