1) Choose a research study article of interest to you (regarding healthcare)

2) Refer to the study you choose and complete "Assessing a Research Study attachment I have placed here on the bottom

3) Identify an article that directly references your chosen study and compare it to your findings. Does this article refute or confirm the study's findings?

4) Write a paper (750-1,000 words) that analyzes and summarizes your findings.

5) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.  An abstract is not required.

6) This assignment uses a grading rubric.

Assessing a Research Study

Review the study components in the left-side column of the form below. Refer to the study you

chose, and complete the data in the right-side column with the key components in that study.

Research Question:

  • How did the research question emerge from the review of literature in the article?
  • Independent Variables Type:
  • Dependent Variables type:

Identify and Define the Study Design Elements:

1. Quantitative vs.Qualitative:

2. Sample Size

3. Method of sample selection: Explanation.

4. Identify and define the experimental and control groups?

5. Reliable and valid data instruments? Explain.

Describe analysis. What statistics were used?

Instruction Files

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