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Complete the following assignment using APA format and attached as a Microsoft Word document:For this assignment, use the library resource CINHAL. To access this resource:1)Go to your course home page and click on Stevens-Henager SHARC Academic Resource Center. 2)Next, click on Library Databases located in the top left-hand corner3)Under Healthcare and Nursing, you will see CINHAL. If you have not used CINHAL before, make sure that you select Click to Read the CINAHL Description for ID & Password4)After you are familiar with how to use CINAHL, click on Search CINHALAfter typing in the User ID and Password, select Advanced Search. To conduct your search, you can type in various topics in the different sections (i.e. healthcare in the first box, law in the next box, ethics in the third box). Under Limit your results, make sure that you check Peer Reviewed on the right hand side. You should also check Full Text.Assignment:  After reviewing a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles, develop an annotated bibliography that examines the relationship between healthcare practitioners and the law and/or ethics.

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