Colon PracticeDirections: Add or correct colon usage.



Colon Practice Directions: Add or correct colon usage. I have one project for myself this summer to chart my family tree. We decided to: see an old movie. Teresa stood up slowly "I think I'll go home." I bought my father several gifts a shirt, tie, and a pair of shoes. It is time: to do the research off to City Hall! There is a simple explanation for my sister's attitude she is too young to understand. Semi-Colon Practice Directions: Add or correct semi- colon usage. The team was; consequently, disqualified. We needed to fit the whole family around the dinner table as a result, Dad pulled out the leaf. My sister excels at art I can barely draw a straight line. For my mother's birthday, I baked cookies which were made with raisins muffins which were made with dates and a cake made with icing. I once had a red yo-yo my sister had a green one. You were loud therefore, you get a warning. We visited the Smiths, who live in Virginia the Whites, who live in North Carolina and the Jones who live in Florida. Comma PracticeDirections: Add commas where needed. One sentence is correct. I watched as the man and woman ran away. I cut chopped and diced onions until I cried. The country's wild beautiful scenery is an attraction for tourists. Obviously there is much to see in England. On top of the dresser there is a big scratch. Running through the hallway Lori lost her wallet. To earn an A the student studied the review sheet. By the way I am not going to class today. It is known however that Mike is constantly misbehaving. It was here not there that we found the answer. Ms. Jeffries wearing the blue dress is the English teacher.

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