Comment on Sam’s approach to training



1. Comment on Sam’s approach to training. Would you want him working for your company? What are the benefits of his training programs to employees and the organization? 2. To what extent is training and development at Flotation Ltd. strategic? What would make it more strategic? 3. To what extent does Sam use the instructional systems design (ISD) model of training and development? If he were to more fully use the ISD model, what should he do? Comment on each step of the ISD model. 4. How does Sam evaluate his training programs? Compare Sam’s evaluation to the president’s objectives. If Sam were to evaluate training based on the president’s objectives, what would he have to do? What do you think the results might be? 5. The president has asked Jenny to “take a close look at Sam’s operation.” What should she do, and what should she report back to the president? 6. Do you think that flotation Ltd is a learning organization ( an organization that creates, acquires ,orgaizes , shares and retains informations and knowledge. and uses new information and knowledge to change and modify its behaviour in order to achieve its objectives and improve its effectiveness) what are some of the things described in the case that suggest it is or is not a learning organization, and what are the implications of training and development?

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