Communication Theory assignment help

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you will present a visualization of communication theory and describe how it relates

to public relations. In a presentation of at least 10 slides, address the following


  •  Define Communication Theory
  •  State the relevance of communication and the benefits of effective

communication as it relates to PR

  •  Develop a graphic visualization of a communication theory model
  •  State what the Symmetrical Process Model entails

In summary, state how effective communication can enhance each of this topic

areas: strategy, persuasion, critical thinking and results.

Your final presentation should consist of at least 10 slides, not including title or

reference slides, and be at least 5 minutes in length. You should site at least three

professional, scholarly sources and use proper APA format.

Once you have completed the PowerPoint presentation:

  •  Record narration using one of the recommended online presentation tools.
  •  Submit your PowerPoint file to this assignment. If your presentation has been

recorded online, include a link to the presentation in the speaker notes.

Your slides should include speaker notes. Your presentation should summarize all

the components described above. Slides should be concise and uncluttered. Use various

graphics and visual enhancements when appropriate. Be sure to provide citations for

any references or images used. Use APA format for any citations.

Due: Midnight, CT on Sunday

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