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Community Corrections Programs In general, the essay ought to provide: 1. a thesis statement about the your topic paper, 2. an overview of the subject matter and information on your topic that you have researched and compiled, 3. information and data that supports your thesis as well as information that challenges your thesis by examining all sides to the issue(s) from information in the text and from other readings and materials that you researched, and 4. an assessment/critique on your topic by examining all sides of your topic and provide your stance on the issue(s). Your answer should be between 4-8 pages, not exceeding eight (8) pages. Each Topic Question needs to: Identify the key issue or issues contained within the Topic Issue as this is important to develop your Topic Issue’s thesis statement(s) Develop your response and present your arguments. In articulating your response, please explain in detail your argument(s) and provide example(s) to clarify your statements. This provides the reader a clear understanding of the point(s) that you are making in the body of your response. If you cite other sources, it is preferable to use APA style, but at the very least, there must be some notation identifying the source and author(s) of the reference. Do not use acronyms or other abbreviations because all such things are not common knowledge. Do not assume that the reader is familiar with subject matter as this oftentimes causes your response to vague and general. Stay away from using superlatives such as “all research states”, “experts’ state" or “the data supports.” Summarize your response before ending as this provides closure to your response.

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