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Choose a company, school, organization, or other entity (real or imagined) that could

use a database to manage its information. For this entity, create a Microsoft Access

database that has the following characteristics:

 At least 4 tables containing 5 to 10 records each

 Tables should have an adequate number of fields to demonstrate the characteristics

of each record. For example, there would be many more fields in the Student Master

table than were shown in class.

 In the description area in the table design view, explain why you chose the data type

for each field in the table.

 Each table should have a primary key and any related tables should have a primary

and foreign key, and be linked in the relationship window

 Each field should have an appropriate data type considering its purpose and

minimizing the size of the database

 At least two queries that would be useful to users, one of which must be a parameter

query (i.e. it asks for a value to limit results)

 At least one report that would be useful to users. The format created by the report

wizard is acceptable, although you may earn extra points for making it look better.

 A short description of the organization you chose and the purpose of the database

should be include in the Comments section in the database properties.

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