Comparable statistics and research in the various cross-national projects



1-what are some important cautions listed in this article?


The need statement purpose is to present facts and evidence that details the needs for a

given project and give the relevant information required for considerations of all the available

alternatives. According to Dowdy, Wearden, and Chilko (2011), the factors to be considered

when writing needs statement of use in comparative statistics and research are: how to manage

funds across national projects, accessing comparable data, and concepts and research

parameters.Managing Funds in Cross-National Projects

The diversity of countries or regions selected should be considered as there is a great shift

towards more culture factors and linguistics factors. The mix in these comparative studies

usually affects the quality of the comparable data outcome (Dowdy et al., 2011). In many ideal

situations, the team leader could select countries or regions that can be included in the

comparative statistics and research. This is a major factor to be considered as research differs

considerably between these regions and financials may have an agenda that attract them to a

particular region.Comparable Data

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