comprised of silver-plated brass lays unanimated Its profile exhibits age silver on the inside and brass on the outside.



A key, comprised of silver-plated brass lays unanimated. Its profile exhibits age; silver on the inside, and brass on the outside. The head is like a mesa, flat with 90 degree drops on

both sides that lead to three moguls perfectly replicated on each end. A perfectly straight drop leads to a pronounced thinning of the key. It reads “Axxess+” in a raised rectangular box encompassed by a diamond gradient that is controlled by a raised edge on both sides that is smooth, yet subtly stripped of its silver coat that exposes the brass bone underneath. The shaft is sharp and jagged like the Sierras; its brass notes are like ice-capped peaks that rise and fall. The flat-side of the key is still immaculate with a silver

dress ng that extends to the tip with minimal discoloration. A thick groove with a steep face on one side and a shallow incline on the other cuts across the center of the body

ending at the head of the key with a boat-like hull outline that shallows out to a brushed chrome U-shape in the middle. The number “68” is underlined on the bottom right

corner, and unlike the rest of the key’s center, it is adorned in a brass coat distinguishing itself from its background. A perfect mechanism for the lock it was forged to open or

close is now aged and dulled, but displays the craftsmanship of its creator and holds true to the purpose it was made for.

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