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Research Brief


The Research Brief is a 500-750 word paper on a topic you select from this week’s textbook readings—you

may want to use the workshop outcomes as ideas/topics for your briefs. This activity allows you to delve

deeper into topics/concepts that may be of personal interest, pertain to current work situations or are

relevant to the team project.

Upon completion of this workshop, you should be able to (depending on topic/concept selected):

1. Explain the concept of needs assessment as properly identifying and establishing priorities

regarding human resource development activities at three levels: organization, task, and person


2. Identify the criteria used to determine the “make-versus-buy” decision: creating or purchasing HRD

programs, and when selecting a trainer (COB).

3. Explain the three primary training approaches: on-the-job training, classroom, and self-paced, citing

the advantages and disadvantages of each (COB).

4. Describe the process of how to select the best combination of training methods and media to

maximize trainee learning for the planned training approach (COB).

5. Summarize the activities involved in the process of implementing an HRD program (COB).

6. Describe techniques used to assess training program effectiveness and demonstrate the use of

applicable metrics (e.g., surveys, pre- and post-tests) (COB).

7. Identify applicable global issues affecting HRD (e.g., international law, culture, local management

approaches/practices, societal norms) (COB).


1. Select a topic for your research brief. You may want to use the workshop outcomes for ideas.

2. Your research brief should be 500-750 words and include a title page and reference page. The

paper must be formatted in APA 6th edition. You must use, at a minimum, your textbook and three

sources from professional and/or peer-reviewed journals for a total of four references. Note that

non-professional/non-peer reviewed references will not count toward the reference requirement.

3. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your

instructor using the Dropbox by the end of the workshop.

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