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Project- Topics

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Topics for the Project

Each students will email their professor with a list of the top 3 topics for their research paper through Blackboard’s

Course Messaging System. Once a topic is selected no other student can select the same topic. The topics will be

assigned by the date and time that your message is received by your professor. 

You may find that if you procrastinate

that all 3 of your topics have already been selected. If that is the case, you will have to try again. A list of selected topics

will be posted in the announcements in Blackboard so check this announcement before you select your topics.

The format of the email should closely match this sample provided. The order of the list should be from your top choice

to your 3rd choice. The # is the NUMBER from the list, it should NOT be 1,2,3 unless you really want the first topic!

For Project, I would like to research the following topics:

# Topic subject

# Topic subject

# Topic subject

Your name here

The dividing lines do not need to be in your email, they are included here to segregate the email information that you

need to send your professor in BLACKBOARD email from the lab instructions.

The # should be replaced with the topic number from the list below and the topic subject should be the subject from the

list below.

The topics listed include a reference to the Chapter in the concept book where you can find some information. It is

STRONGLY suggested that you READ the brief information in the text to help you get started.


For each topic, provide information on:

A. Provide a general description

B. At least 3 interesting facts

C. Usefulness

D. Drawbacks

E. Where can it be purchased today or in the near future

F. Cost

G. Current availability

H. Future potential growth of use

I. Benefits to what population

J. Can you see yourself using this?

K. Will this exist 10 years from now? 20 years?

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