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Need assistance with computing descriptive statistics (variance, mean, and standard deviations) to solve psychology scenario. Calculate and interpret correlation. Do scatter diagram. Write a paragraph explaining the results. 

Directions: What is the relationship between how confident adults are in their judgment that a child is fying and the likelihood that the adult would accurately detect that the child is lying? For the data set

below: A. Compute descriptive statistics (mean, variance and standard deviation) for EACH variable

(show all working) B. Compute Pearson's r correlation coefficient for love felt towards one's partner and the amount

of conflict with that partner (show all working) C. Calculate and interpret r2 (the correlation of determination) for the correlation D. Create a scatter diagram for the data to see the pattern. E. Write a paragraph using the data in which you explain the results.


Adult Level of Confidence

Score on Lying Scale

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