Construct an E-R diagram for the modeling of a database

computer science


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Pg. 02 Question Two

Question One

Construct an E-R diagram for the modeling of a database that contains information on

academic institutions and their researchers. The following should be stored: for each

researcher: ID, name, and date of birth. For each institution: name, location, and year.

For each School: names such as School of Law, School of Business, School of

Computer Science, etc. Each school belongs to exactly one institution. Each researcher

belongs to only one school. For each researcher, information on the highest degree

(BSc, MSc or Ph.D.), and at what school. For each researcher, information about the

research projects (title, start date, and end date). Information about co-authorships, i.e.,

which researchers have co-authered a paper including the title of the paper.

Identify the primary key of each entity, weak entities if any, one-to-one or many-to-

many….etc, and include any assumptions you make.

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