Construct the rest of the web pages based on the home page constructed in W3 Assignment 2

computer science


Course Project: Part 4—Completing the Web Pages

Continuing with your course project, this week, complete the following tasks:

  • Construct the rest of the web pages based on the home page you constructed in W3 Assignment 2 and any feedback given by your instructor and your classmates.
  • For the remaining tourist destination pages, place and correctly link images, videos, and sound, as needed based on the concepts learned during the week.
  • For the contact page, design the HTML form within your contact page that users will complete to send feedback to Express Holidays. You only need to construct this page in HTML at this point; you will make this functional in Week 5.
  • Author the HTML pages and link them all according to your sitemap plan.
  • Search the Internet for some commonly-seen interactive elements developed in JavaScript, and download the code. Incorporate at least two of these basic features in your project website to create a dynamic multimedia experience for the user. Be sure to cite the source of the code in your HTML pages.
  • Compile your completed website with all the necessary media (including images and sounds) in a ZIP folder.

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