Control Phase Session Creating Digital identity of Employees working in XYZ organization



Assignment for the Control Phase Session, 7, 8, nd 9.

Develop and plan a project you care about.  It can be real or, if practicalconstraints prevent a real project, you eatgined one as long as you care about it and treat it as real. The plant includes   Your plant demonstrate your understanding of the materials associated with this course.

b)      Each session will give you contentplementation.

c)       You may not have time for application haven.

For Session 7 (C-a, teal--beauty, aesthetic, enterprise) gives you hints about how you can bring appreciation into your project design.

a)      It should encourage you to be bold in coming up with ideas, with possibilities, that your colleagues will appreciate and admire.

b)      Show an understanding of the realities you will face

c)       Imagine the situation you will find, bring or develop and the kind of goals you want to pursue. Make it attractive.

In this session you don’t have to worry yet about influence in the control phase, (C-I, brown-- pragmatism, authenticity or agreements that will be your homework for next week-8. C-c indigo—equanimity, economics, and action will be for week 9.)

So for next week seven your design skills, aesthetico come up with a lovely idea that you and your team member will love.

This control phase is about you as a leader- you can change your projector to nge your team f the situation is not producing what you want.  You are responsible for your role in finding and developing a successful project that is attractive to you. 

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