Corporate Social Responsibility and the Value Chain



The purpose of the Unit 3 Assignment is to demonstrate a graduate-level understanding of the impact of corporate social responsibility on the management of a firm’s value chain.


  1. Use the APA formatted Microsoft Word document template in Doc Sharing titled “Unit 3 Assignment Corporate Social Responsibility” as the starting point. Download the template and save it as your own document, for example, YourNameUnit3GB570.docx.
  2. Write an APA formatted 4–6 pages paper, exclusive of the Title and References pages.
  3. In your paper, address the following requirements using the directions included within the Unit 3 Assignment template.  
  4. Part One - use a third-person perspective.
  5. Make a compelling argument as to why the inclusion of policies of corporate social responsibility enhance the ability of a firm to effectively manage a value chain and the achievement of competitive advantage.
  6. Choose and analyze two examples of companies that have been successful in this integration.
  7. Choose and analyze two examples of companies that have not been successful in this integration and identify what the companies should have done in their value chains proactively to protect their value chains.
  8. Support your response’s content with at least three applied and cited references. Accepted resources are Kaplan Library article(s), your textbook and the chosen example companies’ websites. No other internet references are acceptable for the Unit 3 Assignment. Apply and cite no more than one referenced sentence per paragraph. Not every paragraph requires the use of a reference; originality is appreciated. Use APA in-text citations within the response and list the applied reference(s) at the end of the response using APA formatting. APA formatting resources are available in Kaplan’s Writing Center in the “Research, Citation, and Plagiarism” area.
  9. Include a conclusion summarizing the paper’s content without introducing any new information.
  10. Part Two - use a first-person perspective.
  11. Write a paragraph explaining your own critical thinking process that you used to complete Part One of the Assignment.
  12. Proofread your paper, confirm correct APA formatting, run spell-check and grammar check, and proofread again. Submit your completed paper into the Unit 3 Assignment Dropbox.

ID: GB570-03-09-AS

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