Counseling Strategies and Theory assignment help



Paper 1:  Counseling Strategies and Theory (50 points - Unit 4)


Explore one of the counseling theories discussed in the textbook using journal articles and media.

This paper uses the 60-Second Shrink text.  After reading the 60-Second Shrink test, select a strategy that interests you.  In a 3-page paper, examine your select strategy and describe how this strategy could be used.   Then connect the strategy that you have selected to a counseling theory that we have discussed through Unit 4. Include:


  •  What is the strategy you selected? (Be sure to identify the number of the strategy, describe what the strategy is and how it works – a reader should be able to implement the strategy after reading your paper.)
  •  When would you use the strategy? (What types of situations)
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the strategy?
  • Be sure to connect the strategy to a Counseling Theory that we have discussed through Unit 4.

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