Countrywide Tours conducts sightseeing trips for groups



CIS126 – Final Project

Countrywide Tours conducts sightseeing trips for groups. Create an application that

continuously accepts tour data that includes, a three-digit tour number, numeric month, day

and year values representing the tour start date, number of travelers taking the tour; and a

numeric code that represents the destination.

As data is entered for each tour, verify that the month, day, year and destination code are valid;

if any of these is not valid, continue to prompt the user until valid data is entered. The valid

destination codes are shown in the table below.

The application must output each tour number, validated start date, destination code and

name, number of travelers, gross total price for the tour, and price of the tour after the

discount. The discount is applied to each person’s price based on the group size.

Code Destination Price per Person


1 Chicago 300.0

2 Boston 480.0

3 Miami 1050.0

4 San Francisco 1300.0

Number of


Discount per

Tourist (S)

1-5 0

6-12 75

13-20 125

21-50 200

51 and over 300.

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