Course Title: Organizational Leadership



Course Title: Organizational Leadership

Could you please help to do AN ESSAY, which will summarize your experiences and your personal development/growth throughout the semester in this course.

1. Original thoughts and propositions you asserted about your initial beliefs on leadership communication styles, motivation strategies, and your ideas on how empowerment of others might impact their motivation/productivity.

2. Integrate what you first indicated to be your own strongest leadership behaviors, as well as your weakest.

3. Discuss any insights you developed about yourself (your behaviors and traits), as you explored the readings and engaged with the class throughout the semester.

4. Discuss any ways that your initial ideas may have changed or evolved. Discuss concepts from the textbook that you found that you could apply practically in your real life.

5. Explain any direct connections you made to your real-life experience as you prepared your Case study project and presentation.

6. Explain which segments of the textbook helped you to best understand what it takes to be an ideal leader, and PROPOSE A CONCEPTUALIZED FRAMEWORK of the “ideal leader”.

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