Create a portfolio of ten “job aids” that consolidate your learning in ten areas of grammar.



Learning Outcomes

Create a portfolio of ten “job aids” that consolidate your learning in ten areas of grammar.


These job aids will provide you with a simple reference resource that you can consult as needed when you are studying for tests and that you can eventually take with you to your job.


There are two parts to this assignment: the compulsory topics, and the ‘choose your own’ topics.


Compulsory Job Aid Topics (6)

Six of the job aids will be on the following compulsory topics:

1.    Parts of Speech Test Phrases and Mnemonics (7 total).

2.    Spelling Mnemonics (10 total).

3.    Apostrophes

4.    Objective (me) versus subjective (I) case pronouns

5.    Commas

6.    Common Conventions with Capitals, Abbreviations, Acronyms and Numbers (20 total)

For a detailed explanation of each of these components, see the document, Compulsory Job Aid Components.


Choose Your Own Job Aid Topics (4)

Four of the job aids will be on topics that you choose yourself so that you can focus on your own needs.


Pick grammar topics that you find difficult and can see yourself needing help with at work. There are no instructions for these four topics, so you must complete them in a self-directed manner. You can come up with your own ideas for how to present the information in each of your four topics, and/or you can get ideas from any of the six job aid assignments.





The first half of the job aid portfolio (compulsory topics 1, 2 and 3, and the first two self-chosen topics) is due in the middle of the semester. This submission will allow your teacher to advise you on how to continue.


The second half of the job aid portfolio (compulsory topics 4, 5 and 6, and the last two self-chosen topics) is due at the end of the semester when you will combine all 10 job aids into a single portfolio. Please refer to the course schedule for the specific due dates.




You may create this portfolio using almost any media and format. Be as creative or as formal as you like. The point of this assignment is to allow you to consolidate your learning in the manner that works best for you. Regardless of the media and format you choose, your objective is to finish with a unified, professional‑looking document of around 10 pages or the equivalent.


Marking Criteria

When assessing this assignment, your instructor will be guided by the Job Aid Portfolio Rubric.

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