Creating Magic for Clients across the Continent



  • Case Analysis:

Creating Magic for Clients across the Continent

Situation Assessment

  •  Symptoms
  •  Philip is facing confusion in deciding the best way to attract new business and promote

the brand, the performers and magic in general.

 Philip’s network of magicians trusts that the company will operate in their best


  •  Philip was passionate about marketing and he was strong at it.
  •  He has a piece of good knowledge of online marketing.
  •  Henry was king in his stream but still had wide range of competitors.
  •  Local magicians provided poor quality services and were not reliable.
  •  Philip is the founder of Philip & Henry that marketed magicians under its umbrella.

Problem Statement

Philip Murad was not able to figure out which was the best way to attract customers and promote its

brand, magicians and magic in general.

Supporting Points

  •  Philip doubts if the focus on social media was the best way or the direct mail for going forward.
  •  Philip was not able to decide if the relationship with Google was still fruitful or a change was


  •  Philip was king of a small hill and had competitors like famous magicians of Las Vegas, nonmagician substitutes (like animal shows, balloon artists, indoor playgrounds and many more)

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