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Professor Anderson

Read the short description below and answer the questions that follow.

Papers have a 1000 word limit [strictly enforced].

Papers must be submitted through Turnitin before class on Monday, February 13, 2017

Remember, this is an individual assignment that should represent your original thinking and research.

Sally Smith was a rancher大农场工人 who needed heavy-duty耐用的 clothes that could stand up

to经得起 the wear and tear磨损 of her job demands.

Unfortunately, most women’s pants did not fare进展 well under the stress and strain of clearing

trails踪迹, peeling剥去 logs原木 or doing other types of tough work. She tried men’s work trousers

but the fit was always wrong. She constantly had to put down her tools to pull up her pants.

Sally was not a clothing designer and was not chasing some life long entrepreneurial dream.

However, she was convinced that she had spotted a business opportunity to address an unmet


1. Who would be the target market for Sally’s idea? Explain how Sally would segment分割 her market

[describe relevant geographic地理, demographic人口统计学, psychographic心理记录 and behavioral


Sally’s target market is the customers who is female and want to have durable clothes,pants for tough

work and

2. Identify three specific occupations where Sally would have interested buyers. Use census data or other

sources to show the number of potential customers in each sector. [cite references]

3. If you were in Sally’s shoes, how would you market her idea? Where should she invest her time and

dollars to reach the most likely customers? What should be her compelling message?

4. Identify two factors in the external environment that could affect the success or failure of Sally’s


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