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Customer Relationship Management

One of the most important objectives for this semester is to provide you with an awareness and

understanding of the CRM Market, or as some call it, the CRM Ecosystem. There are many

different kinds of 'providers' of CRM services: from complete software suites, to data quality

solutions, to professional services (consultancies). The article 2016 CRM Market Leaders,

published by CRM Magazine, rates the top five vendors in 10 categories of companies based on

a composite score that includes revenue, revenue growth, market share, customer wins,

reputation for customer satisfaction, depth of product functionality, and company

direction.The article dedicates one page to each category, discussing the market, the leaders,

and the winner.

Before starting on the assignment, read the 2016 CRM Market Awards article found here:

Leaders-112480.aspx. Be sure to click on each of the nine(9) categories of the 2016 CRM

Market Leaders in the article to access information on each category.  

Please answer the questions below. Organize your response. It may be a good idea to state the

question and then your response.

PART 1. Select two of the following categories discussed in the article: Incentive, Marketing

Solutions, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, Open-Source, and Consultancies. Read about

these categories. Answer these questions in the following format, for each category:

(15 points) Category Name #1- 

 Why did you choose this category? Why did you find it interesting?

 Identify three (3) connections/terms used in the article that was discussed in any of the

modules we have studied so far. Explain each connection. Don't assume I understand

what you mean. (This is a Customer Relationship Management course)

 Explain how you think the 'winner' provider of this category helps businesses be more

productive. What 'value' does this provider create?

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