D31VR Value and Risk Management ASSIGNMENT Value and Risk Management of New-build Hotel development



D31VR Value and Risk Management ASSIGNMENT 

Value and Risk Management of New-build Hotel development


The scenario for Part 1 and 2 is based on the Citizen M development project BCIS analysis #28544. For the purposes of the assignment scenario, assume the project is at the design stage and therefore has not yet been built.



Part 1 20% – Group presentation to be assessed in week 8

Group presentation will be based on the work carried out in tutorial groupwork sessions.


The client has instructed your consultancy to carry out a value review of the project and make a presentation to the client team, which covers the following


(A) Strategic value study

Present the client project value system for the scheme relevant to RIBA PoW Stage 1 in the form of a pairs-comparison matrix to reflect the priorities and measures of success for the project. Your team should briefly explain the relative importance of each of the 9 dimensions of value to the project. This will help ensure the design team understand the client’s values as they develop the design solution.


(B) Value engineering study

Using the existing BCIS cost plan as a benchmark, present and justify options to the design team for improving value for money.   Your recommended options should make clear what the implications are for the project value system



Assessment of the presentation will be based on the following criteria:


·         Development of client project value system

·         Creative and credible proposals for enhancing project value

·         Demonstration of team work and management

·         Quality and clarity of ppt  presentation  (maximum 8 slides)

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