Data Mining and Data Warehousing assignment

computer science


IT446- Data Mining and Data Warehousing


1) Please write your answers in the given word file ONLY. Any submission that does not follow the given assignment template will NOT be considered and will be given ZERO points.

2) Do not remove/erase questions from your answer file.

3) Please type your answers as "text" only. Do not put any picture/screenshot as answer.

4) Assignments copied from other students/internet will be awarded ZERO points.

5) Please reduce the plagiarism percentage as much as possible by writing answers in your own words (instead of copy/paste). Assignments with high plagiarism will be penalized.

6) Submit your assignment as a word or pdf file only. Do NOT submit compressed/zipped files. 

7) You have only 2 attempts to submit the assignment. Please carefully submit the correct and complete answer file.

8) Carefully read the assignment rules (given in the attached file) that must be followed for ALL assignments. 

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