Database Software to Design a Customer System for Auto Sales

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Assignment 5: Using Database Software to Design a Customer System for Auto Sales

Read the Hands-on MIS project Improving Decision Making: Using Database Software to Design a Customer System for Auto Sales on pages 433–434 of the textbook. Follow the instructions below.


This assignment builds on your first two Access assignments and asks you to consider the process of designing and implementing a database system solution.

The first step in this assignment is to create a systems analysis report as outlined on page 434 of the textbook. This is a critical step in the systems development process as it helps you to define the requirements for the work you will go on to do. Add a section called “Project Management Considerations” to this report; in this section, explain the project management considerations that the organization must take into account if they go ahead with this project.

You do NOT have to create any data input forms for this assignment. You do NOT have to consider whether or not to use Ace's existing customer database.

The next step in the assignment is to create the database suggested in your report. Note that one of the requirements here is that it must align with the report you have created – that is, it satisfies all of the requirements noted, but only the requirements noted.

For further information on how to use a database to complete Assignment 5, review this document titled Supplementary Information.

After the database is created, populate each table with at least ten records.

If you do not have access to a computer on which you can install Microsoft Access, you may use another database tool. If you do this, you must also submit the following:

an E-R diagram of your database that clearly shows the primary and foreign keys for each table.

a screen shot of the first page of the contents of each table. Alternatively, you may create a report that dumps the contents of a table and submit a single page of that report.

queries that you designed to create each report. Show both the query design and the query output.

the reports required in the assignment

For this assignment, you must hand in:

a Word document containing your systems analysis report which must include the information specified on page 434

an Access database with tables, reports, and queries as described in the textbook and in these instructions

Marking criteria:

You will be marked according to the following criteria:

Database Design (20 marks total)

Your database must conform to the relational database guidelines as outlined in Chapter 6 of the textbook and in the Access e-text.

Tables are structured correctly with appropriate keys. (12 marks)

Tables are related correctly. (4 marks)

Database has minimum number of records in each table as specified in assignment instructions. (2 marks)

Database has all test data as specified in assignment instructions. (2 marks)

Reports and Queries (10 marks total)

Queries and reports identified in the system analysis report have been created and include the questions managers are considering based on the mini-case on pages 433-434. (2 marks)

Queries are correct. (4 marks)

Reports are readable and professional looking. (4 marks)

Systems Analysis Report (20 marks total)

understandable (clearly defines the solution), professionally written, and organized (2 marks)

comprehensive (includes all requirements listed on page 434) (15 marks)

project management considerations are appropriate and draw on the theory explained in Chapter 14 of the textbook (3 marks)

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