As part of the quality assurance of forensic science, all case files generated from forensic

evidence examinations are subjected to peer review.  Forensic laboratory accrediting bodies

require 100% administrative review and 10% technical review.  The majority of the forensic

laboratories perform 100% administration and technical reviews on all case files (notes,

data, report).

The administrative review will check for such things as typographical or grammatical errors,

misspellings, and incorrect addresses/names.

The technical review is an in-depth review of the administrative and examination

documentation used as a basis for the findings/conclusions stated in the laboratory notes

and report.  The review shall ensure that the conclusions of analysts are reasonable,

properly qualified, within the constraints of validated scientific knowledge, and are

supported by the examination documentation.

The review shall not be conducted by the author or co-author(s) of the examination records

or report.

This assignment will allow you to peer review a set of laboratory notes and a report.  Please

read the bloodstain peer review assignment instructions for more information pertaining to

this assignment.


You will be provided with John Smith’s Lab 1 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Notes and Report

for review. You will utilize the peer review request for examination to assist in the review of

John Smith’s notes and report.

During your review, fill out the peer review form by selecting either “Yes”, “No” or “N/A”, for

each question presented on the peer review form. You must provide an explanation of why

you selected “Yes” or “No” for each question in the peer review form comments section. You

may discuss anything else about the notes and/or report in the comments section: good or

bad. Ensure that your comments are detailed and valid pertaining to that particular question

on the peer review form.

In the comments section, make sure that you use complete sentences and that you use

accurate grammar and spelling. Points will be deducted if you do not provide a comment for

each “Yes” or “No” selected.

The review of the notes and report is considered an administration and technical review. An

administration review consists of grammar, spelling, clear and concise information. A

technical review consists of ensuring that the appropriate procedures were performed,

results are documented appropriately and the conclusions are based on the examination

results. Would you be able to repeat the testing based on the procedural information

provided in the notes and report? Are you able to arrive at the same conclusion?

You will want to give attention to detail while reviewing the notes and report. This helps the

person that performed the examination in improving his/her notes and report for future


Please submit the Peer Review Form in your assignment folder. Please save your Peer

Review Form as YourLastName_PR.

If you make comments on or marked up the lab notes or report during your review, you do

NOT need to submit these in your assignment folder.

This assignment is due at the end of Week 6.

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