describe that view accurately (summarize the article in detail)



choose a view expressed by one of the philosophers we’ve study with which you disagree describe that view accurately (summarize the article in detail) evaluate the view demonstrating the problems you have with the proposal (this evaluation can be both positive and negative – i.e. you can present strengths of the position while also articulating the weaknesses). present reasons (arguments) that you believe show the alternative/your position to be better In constructing your alternative and arguing for it, you may make use of any thoughts and arguments we have considered up until the point the paper is due – provided you acknowledge their source. But this is not a REPORT of “Atheism v. Theism” or “What Locke thinks of Plato’s Forms.” The aim of the paper is for you to speak for yourself. Such a paper, then, will express your views as they have come to be formulated under the pressure of “conversing” with the various philosophers we have read. But a GOOD PAPER will also display (1) an accurate and subtle understanding of philosophical issues and (2) skill in argumentation. So this will not be merely a “subjective opinion paper.” Papers will be graded not on conclusions drawn, but on the adequacy of the understanding displayed and the quality of the arguments put forward. This is not an easy assignment. A good paper will require much thought, writing, and revision. Don’t leave it until the last minute.

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