Describe the stock each person comes



Describe the stock each person comes from: what people what country what ancestors what parents Describe each person's upbringing education instruction in art training in laws Describe each person's deeds, which should be described as the results of [TOPOI application!!! So you get some chance to practice it! – this is just an excited note from your instructor] his/her excellencies or evils of mind (such as fortitude/weakness or prudence/indiscretion) his/her excellencies or evils of body (such as beauty/plainness, speed/lethargy, or vigor/lack of vigor) his/her excellencies or evils of fortune (good/ill use of high position, power, wealth, or friends) Conclude with an epilogue including either an exhortation to your hearers to/not to emulate either person, or a prayer. Example. Traditionally a comparison of Achilles and Hector is suggested. The most famous examples from antiquity of comparison orsinkrisis are from Plutarch's parallel lives, such as that comparing Demosthenes and Cicero ( (Links to an external site.)

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