Describe what this means in the context of Vincent's struggle to overcome his perceived genetic disadvantages.



Describe what this means in the context of Vincent's struggle to overcome his perceived genetic disadvantages. 

Then, the question you are answering is this: In real life, is nature (DNA) more important than nurture (environment) in determining whether a person will be successful or not? 

Use information from the textbook and current research (from peer-reviewed scientific journals) on the role of genetics and environment to defend your answer 

Format: You should have an APA style cover page. The assignment is maximum 3 pages, double-spaced, using APA format (Times New Roman, font size 12, and all other formatting guidelines as described in the APA guidelines) for citations, references, and the lot. 

When citing information, you MUST paraphrase, that is put all of the information INTO YOUR OWN WORDS!!! If you do not do this, and you do not cite your sources properly, you will have engaged in plagiarism, and you will receive a score of 0 on this assignment. If I deem the plagiarism to be severe enough, your assignment will be sent to the Dean of the faculty, and you may receive even more severe penalties in this course, as well as in future courses if you are caught engaging in plagiarism therein. 

QUOTATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED!!! If you are having a hard time understanding the material, please email me, and I can help you! That is quite literally what I am here for, so do not hesitate to ask for help. 

For all APA formatting, citing and referencing issues, please use this link: https:// This is an updated and easier to navigate version of what I had previously given. 

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