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Executive Summary

The network design proposal articulates the whole structural arrangement and

wireless network design of the CPA Corporation having four floors with several departments

present in the CPA Corporation building. The proposed LAN network design offers a reliable

topological arrangement of PCs and other network devices used at different departments on

the single floor of the organization building.[0] The physical network design between two or

more department within the same floor includes the network equipment and devices such as

the routers, Ethernet, NIC and network cables within the networking system (Jiang et al,

2016).[0] [1] The topology that is utilized as a part of rooms is the basic Star topology as proposed

network topological design.[2] Whereas the office and the employee’s areas will have the

interconnection of computers of computers through a wireless network by use of a wireless

router.[1] [2] It too gives support to the well-defined functionality of VOIP communication in a

network based on proper network addressing along with the assignment of sub-networks with

the address masks that identified them as a particular region in a same big network along with

the particular network IP addresses assigned to each individual participated in that network.[0]

The network design of the whole space provided and acquired within the company

official used the LAN design for the organization network flow as the Local Area Network

(LAN) is a very successful network design, if being implemented within the similar

organization. LAN is comprised of several interconnected workstations or systems that

distribute data and services among them. LAN plays an important role in any organization as

it allows the workstations to share resources like files, applications, and printers. The cost of

LAN is reasonable for any association as it does not utilize exclusive hardware like hubs,

network adapters, and Ethernet. In our design, the network administration tools are very



useful in providing highest network uptime. Maintenance as well as standards must be there

as when designing a company network, attempt to regulate on the different kinds of devices,

as different to using an unusual kind of switch in each cabling closet, still if all our apparatus

is from the identical manufacturer (Scire, n.d.). The outline design of the CPA firm consists

of server room, few computers and approximately 4 cubicles, thus the LAN is perfect

network design for the CPA firm.

The proposal addresses the issues that ranges from the physical network topology and

design to be employed for the building of the organization to the network security and

hardware components which are important and suits the business needs of the organization.[0]

Therefore, this proposal convincingly gives a complete network arrangement and required

elements for the organization current requirement in more efficient and effective way.[0]

Network Design

The following network design proposed solution is a basic LAN design set-up arrangement

and connection of the network elements designed for the corporation building like CPA

Corporation. The company wants to expand the network in case for future growth as it

decides to build one conference room, server room and reception desk system in the building

to upgrade the operation going on presently. Therefore, this new design consisting of servers

relocated previously, computers, cabling LAN networks with routers, switches and WAP

(wireless access points) placed in the proper configuration to provide the high quality and

speed performance in internet access to its clients and employees through such network

development (pearsoned, n.d.). The given below is the proposed network design of the CPA

Corporation that deals with providing the graphical solutions to its clients using internet

services through the front-desk experts and office employees working on the workstations

(hbr, n.d.).

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