Designing your own related set of classes in the Java programming language.

computer science


Objectives: The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the following: 

● Designing your own related set of classes in the Java programming language. 

● Identifying key instance variables that will be encapsulated inside of your class. 

● Implementing accessor and mutator methods that allow access to your class data using appropriate generalizations and abstractions. 

● Creating a number of different classes with a variety of relationships. 

● Using polymorphism to generalize use of code to many subclasses.  ● Creating your own test suite to demonstrate that your classes work based on a model test suite being available.

Problem Domain: 

Auction houses are organizations that run auctions for goods, property or services, often with several items that are up for sale in the auction being put forward together to be bid on. For example, if an estate of a wealthy individual was being cleared for some reason, you might see pieces of jewellery, furniture, dishware and art being sold all together. Collectively we will refer to these items as auction lots. For purposes of this assignment, an auction has a unique number associated with it for distinguishing one from another. An empty auction is an auction with no lots.

Each auction lot has a lot number, which is a unique identifier for the auction, a name for the object, and a description. Lots can be accessed by lot number (their ID), and a lot can be added or removed right up until the moment the auction opens. An empty lot is a lot that has an id of less than or equal to 0.

For purposes of this assignment, auctions can be open and closed arbitrarily at any time. When a set of items is put up for auction and the auction is opened, individuals called bidders can place bids on the lots, with rules of bidding changing based on the type of auction that is being run. Bidders may withdraw their bids at any time. An empty bid is defined as bid with an empty bidder name and a value of 0. After an auction closes it cannot be reopened again unless all of the bids are removed from all lots. 

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