DIEP strategy for writing a reflection In your entries, attempt to:

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DIEP strategy for writing a reflection In your entries, attempt to:

       analyze your own performance as a learner

       evaluate your gains in understanding and completing tasks

       verbalize how you feel about your learning

       make connections with other experiences, ideas

       demonstrate transfer of learning

       integrate the concepts taught in the course


 Use the DIEP template as below:



D – Describe objectively what happened

Give the details of what happened. Answer the question: ‘What did I do, read, see, and hear?’


I – Interpret the events

Explain your learning: new insights, connections with other learning, your feelings, hypotheses, conclusions. Answer the questions: ‘What was the reason I did this activity?’ ‘What might it mean?’


E – Evaluate what you learned

Make judgments connected to observations you have made. Answer the question: ‘How was this useful?’


P – Plan how this learning will be applied

Comment on its relevance to your course, program, future profession, life... Answer the question: ‘How might this learning apply in my future?’



Introduction upto 100 words

Write 200 - 250 words for each DIEP section.

Conclusion upto 100 words


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