Dillard’s: A Concise Research Paper Addressing Market Strategies



I have made many revisions and just tired as its 11pm my time in Germany. Trying to complete my masters abroad and its difficult with a family and full time job. I ha ve the suggestion from the professor below. Besides the grammar errors can you assist in properly placing pages, breaks and delineate? I have a new MAC and its different than a PC and can't even find the add page number tab. arghhh...
I reviewed your paper. As submitted, the paper does not meet standards of graduate work. You must use scholarly sources for your research; this paper is primarily comprised of Dillard's and general web sources such as Business Insider...not acceptable for graduate work. Also, you did not delineate between chapters, e.g., heading for Chapter 2: Situation Analysis, Chapter 3: Problem Statements (Key Strategic Issues), etc.; you must do this for each chapter and have a page break between chapters; this is not an essay. Insert a page between chapters. It is not necessary to write the term Introduction immediately after the chapter because Introduction is implied. Please carefully review the sample research paper I provided you. I also highly recommend you contact a librarian for assistance on how to research scholarly articles. Again, the paper will receive a failing grade as submitted. I also provided a few brief comments. It appears as though you have ignored previous feedback I have provided on your papers

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