Disaster Management



Write an article on Disaster Management with proper APA. The article must be unique. The sample article is attached below. Use the same format in the sample paper to write about Disaster management. 

NASCAR Team Victim of Ransomware Attack


Last April, while preparing their car for the upcoming Duck Commander 500 NASCAR (National

Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) race, Circle Sport-Levine Family Racing Team’s crew chief Dave

Winston became suspicious when he was alerted by another member of the race team about unusual

communication in his Dropbox account. Shortly after taking his computer off the network, Winston was

confronted with a pop-up demanding he pays a ransom in order to recover important technical

information about the car that was critical to preparing it for the upcoming race. This information

included important details about the car’s suspension, track set up specifications, various parts of the

car, and wind tunnel test data, as well information about Team personnel.

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