Discovery of a Time Capsule



Discovery of a Time Capsule

When defining an era such as the 1960s, a lot of images come to mind: the march on

Washington, psychedelic music, peace signs, the antiwar movement, the

assassinations of prominent political leaders, and so on. In this Assignment, you will

explain which of the events, people, and symbols best define the 1960s.


It is the year 2325. You are a prominent archaeologist who has just been summoned to

a dig site because your colleagues have made a unique discovery: a time capsule from

the 1960s that was buried long ago. Very carefully, you and your colleagues unearth

and open this time capsule. Inside the time capsule you find five items that define the

era of the 1960s.

For this Assignment write a brief paper that covers the following:

1. Describe each of the five items you have found.

2. Explain why each of these is especially important in defining the era of the


3. Based upon these items you have found, conclude your paper with a solid

paragraph that explains one major lesson that you have learned from the 1960s.

Hint: The objects you find in your time capsule do not necessarily have to be material

items, but can also be events, trends, fads, etc. For example, your time capsule may

contain assassinations, the Vietnam War, or the women's movement. Also, feel free to

be creative with the types of items that you find. For example, perhaps you have found

a letter written by an antiwar protester to the government, or a song by famous 1960s

musician, or perhaps a piece of artwork by a famous 1960s visual artist.

The total length of your paper should be 6 pages formatted in APA style. The first page

is a title page. Page 6 is a reference page and pages 2 through 5 are text. You should

have a total of four references, at least one of which should be outside of the course

materials. Please use only academic resources. Also, remember to use Times New

Roman 12-point font, set margins to one inch, and double space your paper.

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