Discuss how events during the Civil War and the Vietnam Era of the 1960s created



A.) Discuss how events during the Civil War and the Vietnam Era of the 1960s created and altered the party systems of a Modern Era: creating a majority two party system? How did the issues of the time cause political culture to change and in addition, how does the Electoral College system keep elections fair? B.)Discuss why the US Military is significant to the checks and balance system of the United States and why it is important in upholding US Foreign Policy. Discuss how George Washington’s ideals, person and challenges as a Military and National Leader; shaped who the US Military is today and cite specifics from his military life prior to and during the American Revolution. What do you think Washington would say today about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and America’s role in it? 

C.) Discuss the role of the US Military history in WWII and discuss how the US Military contributed to the successful or unsuccessful fulfillment of the US Foreign Policy upon a specific nation or region involved in the conflict. How did the War Powers Act influence this role? Cite at least two specific military and or foreign policy operations in which the US Military was successful or unsuccessful and how this success or lack thereof; altered the continued implementation or changed the policy the US was trying to bring forth to the affected Foreign Nation. In your opinion; did the success of the US military (and allied forces) during WWII influence the future of US military intervention in future global conflicts? What can be learned from US history and political-military intervention when it comes to modern conflicts?

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