Discuss in the team forum each team member's individual company SWOT analysis



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Structure Follows Strategy - Team

The purpose of this assignment is to give learners experience in formulating management strategy for expansion into global markets.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Management: A Practical Introduction; Global Markets

Prior to the team discussion, each team member must complete a SWOT analysis for his or her organization. Learners may use the same organization from Week 2.

Discuss in the team forum each team member's individual company SWOT analysis based on the Individual Assignment.

Select one of your teammate's organizations to use for this assignment based on your discussion.

Select a global market into which the company might expand. This should be a market with different characteristics so do not choose a similar market such as Canada.

Scenario: The company is considering expanding into the global market. As a result, the management team is analyzing the current strategic objectives, the organization's structure and looking at how this change may affect any or all of these areas. The team will present these findings to leadership once completed.

Create a 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation including detailed speaker notes or voiceover in which you include the following:

Examine the current strategic objectives of the organization.

Determine the current structure of the organization.

Discuss how expanding to a global market may affect work functions.

Recommend structural alternatives that may facilitate the new global strategy. How do these options differ? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Determine the key components of a change management strategy for the restructuring.

Recommend next steps for an action plan.

Create a "Recommended Structure" infographic in an appropriate format for the organization based on the analysis. This can be done using Microsoft® Publisher®, Word, or sites such as Glogster® or PiktoChart®. The infographic should illustrate the team's choice of structure

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