Discuss the three types of analysis, you should do when creating business and marketing plans



Discuss the three types of analysis, you should do when creating business and marketing plans.

Assignment Details

LCBH221 - 2A - Beverage Service Operations

Assignment Details - Week 5 Individual Project 1



Deliverable length: Marketing proposal (600–800 words)

Course Objective(s):

 Create a Proposal for Beverage Marketing/Promotion

Assignment: Justifiably, most businesses are very concerned with marketing, the process of

promoting and selling products or services. An effective marketing research plan selects the

the appropriate type of survey to gather the desired information, then analyze and apply the gathered

data. The comprehensive plan is used to analyze a business market niche and make appropriate

decisions regarding products offered, pricing, advertising, and other factors to maximize sales. It

allows one to set prices for products or services that take into account costs, desired profit, and

other important market considerations.

 Discuss the three types of analysis you should do when creating business and marketing


 Describe and define a market segment as it relates to a beverage operation.

Think of two groups of customers who are very different in their tastes and values. Make

a list of three or four items that you might find in a bar that would attract one group but

completely turn off the other one.

 Consider how you might overcome these barriers to attract both groups for business.

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