Discuss your case study and the presenting symptoms that the client is experiencing.

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Assignment #2 Screening and Assessment (worth 30%)


Introduction to your paper: (individual)


Provide an introduction into what your paper will explore, the type of research that is discussed in the paper and summarize the outcome of the paper.


Presenting Symptoms: (individual)

Discuss your case study and the presenting symptoms that the client is experiencing.


Implementation of the screening and assessment tools: (individual)


Considerable attention must be paid to the tools’ psychometric performance: for example, sensitivity (ability to detect people with a mental health and substance use presentation, specificity (ability to detect people who do not have a mental health or substance use disorder).


Identify the false positive rate for both screening tools.


Discuss the validity and reliability of the tools. Does the tool measure what it's intending on measuring? Does the scoring produce consistency when people are retested?


What are the strengths and limitations of these tools?


Is there a need for another screening tool? IE) Cognitive Impairment Screener


What are the characteristics of a standardized screening tool? Are the screening tools used for your case standardized?


As a mental health and addiction worker, discuss ways you could measure and evaluate your clients progress?


Pull in the information from your Screening and Assessment course to discuss these areas.




Functional Assessment and Functional Analysis (that is included within the assessment – Form posted to the course page under Assignment # 2)

(group completion and choice of one member to submit or individually submit with your assignment on the form provided)


Complete a Pay-off Matrix and a Functional Assessment Summary for your client. This will be completed as a group and ONE group member will submit to drop box. 


Discuss the relationship between substance use and mental health symptoms for your client. Be sure to explain what you have determined is the purpose of the client’s substance use. (refer to models/theories of Concurrent Disorders to understanding your client)





You are required to complete the functional assessment by using the information from your case study summary and your two completed screening tools. Make sure you are referring to the recommendations of the screening tools.


In 5-6 paragraphs, define a biopsychosocial spiritual/cultural model as an assessment framework. Support your explanation of this framework with best practice research.  Connect back to your case study.  (individual completion and submission which will include the following):


·         Summarize the key themes within your biopsychosocial spiritual/cultural model formulation and connect this to your recommended level of care.


·         Refer to System level of care and the Quadrant Model.


Once you have scored your two screening tools and completed the functional Assessment package then you start to build your formulation.


Complete your Case Formulation Form by summarizing the formulation domains. In paragraph form, complete the Case Formulation Form utilizing the information within your case study, screening tools and assessment. (discussion as a group, individual submission in your own words in paragraph form on the form provided)



Remember to cite your work using proper APA formatting


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