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Diversity on Campus Exercise

Possibly Relevant Data (Information that you may need to know as you make your decisions)

  • Average household income based on U.S. Census, 2015: 56,516
  • Average household income for white families (non-Hispanic) based on U.S. Census, 2015: 62,950
  • Average household income for black families based on U.S. Census, 2015: 36,898
  • Average household income for Asian families based on U.S. Census, 2015: 77,166
  • Statement of goal for the initiative
  • Short term and long term
  • Brief justification for Dean of Student Affairs
  • Statement of possible partners within the university
  • Outline of the initiative
  • Price logistics for every expense
  • What problem did you choose to address (enrollment, retention, faculty, support)?
  • Why this issue over the others?
  • Did CRT play a part in your decision-making and logistic planning?  If so how?  If not, why not?
  • Is it important to understand race and race theory before making decisions regarding racial diversity on campus?  Why?
  • Could you have done this assignment without the donation?  With a budget of $10,000? $5,000?  No budget?
  • What can you do for diversity without a budget as an administrator?
  • How did your own personal characteristics play a part in your decision-making for this assignment? If it did not, should it?
  • Why or why not?


You are a student affairs administrator within the Office of Diversity at Bobsled University in the Southern region of the United States. The total population of the university is 25,000. It is a research 1 university with an emphasis on faculty prestige and graduate studies. 


The Dean of Student Affairs has placed you in charge of increasing racial diversity on campus.  This can be done either through increasing diversity enrollment, increasing diversity retention, increasing diversity in faculty, creating a more diverse-friendly environment on campus, or creating a support system for underrepresented students.  Thanks to a generous donation from the Good Vibes Corporation, your budget for this initiative is $20,000.  Using the diversity strategies we have discussed in class, and considering Critical Race Theory (CRT), develop a program that will work towards your goal.

(1) Product (You need to include this information in your discussion response):

(2) Discussion Questions:

Please make sure that you answer both parts of the prompt.  

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