Does creating an innovative organization require excellent leadership qualities?



Topic : Does creating an innovative organization require excellent leadership qualities?

The exam paper is a essay that includes students’ reasoned opinions and assessments on the views presented or the problem addressed in the literature. An essay is a short and argumentative, often critical, reasoning on a topic, problem or phenomenon. Even though essays express and present the author’s personal opinions or views, it is important to address the problem in a logical, argumentative and clearly defined manner. An essay generally begins with a (preferably original) claim, which is followed by the author supporting it with suitable arguments, bringing out both pros and cons or finding solutions to the question posed. Writing an essay requires students to understand the topic addressed, including different viewpoints and the ability to analyse and assess them; it is also important for students to have their own opinion or a personal view with regard to the question at hand and to be able to present it in a reasoned and logical manner. An essay usually consists of three basic parts: an introduction, in which the problem or the main idea is worded; a body, in which the topic is discussed by presenting arguments for and against it; and a conclusion, which provides a summary of the main idea and the arguments that support it. Compared to reports, essays are valued for their freer, personal and creative use of language that is based on a good academic style and the opportunity to express personal opinions on and attitudes towards the topic addressed. However, essays are more demanding than reports when it comes to their contents, style and presentation of ideas, as they require students to use a style characteristic to essays and express themselves in an idiosyncratic way. The requirements for the presented paper: 

1. It is analytical. It includes a claim, which is followed by the author’s arguments. Arguments are based on scientific articles about the topic. 

2. It includes student’s opinions 

3. It is formatted according to the guidelines of students’ papers

 4. The essay contains in-text references and a list of references

 5. The length of the paper is 5-6 pages, written in Times New Roman 12 p or Calibri 11 p NB! Plagiarism is refused. In case of plagiarism the essay is not graded

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