Does the article use nomothetic or idiographic explanations



Description: This assignment is designed to get you accustomed to finding library materials and thinking critically about secondary sources. It is hoped that by critiquing the work of others, you will become and even better critique of your own work through an increased sense of awareness of how others might perceive your wok. There are three articles, you are only required to write a review on any ONE. The article review should be no more than three pages double spaced. Please use 1 inch margins, Times new Romans 12-point font. The assignment has three parts:


  • Iwamoto, D. K., & Smiler, A. P. (2013). Alcohol makes you macho and helps you make friends: The role of masculine norms and peer pressure in adolescent boys’ and girls’ alcohol use. Substance use & misuse, 48(5), 371-378.
  • What are the research questions?
  • Does the article use nomothetic or idiographic explanations? Explain how it does this to show that you understand the concepts.
  • Does it use inductive or deductive reasoning? Explain how it does this to show that you understand the concepts.
  • What are the key dependent variables and independent variables? Explain the difference between an independent variable and a dependent variable.
  • What research method is used? Who or what are studied? What are the units of analysis?
  • What is the time dimension of the research design?
  • What are the main findings?

Part II: Write a review of the article. This should (a) include a paragraph as a summary of the article, (b) point to its strengths and weaknesses (c) propose an alternative method to study the research question or inquiry at hand. You should also answer the following question (do not use the same wording as the article):

Part III: If you were doing a research paper on this topic, you would need more than one source for your literature review. Find two other sociology sources from the  google scholar that provide research on the same topic. For each one, provide the bibliographic citation using the APA style and a short paragraph explaining the research and what it finds. You can find this from skimming the paper (you don’t need to read these articles closely). Explain in what ways the findings in each article are consistent or inconsistent with the original article you read

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