Download and install the genogram tool at ‘. Follow the instructions and request a free key.




1. Download and install the genogram tool at ‘. Follow the instructions and request a free key. This will give you access to the tool for 16 days. Ensure your assignment is completed and saved to your computer before

the end of 16 days from the time you use your free key.

2. Research your own family. Create your genogram reflecting your family system, either as a child or as a parent. Include as many people as you can on your genogram. Include approximate dates for events such as births, deaths,

marriages, separations, divorces, hospitalizations, moves, etc. Include information on ethnicity, serious medical/behavioural/emotional problems, issues of drug or alcohol abuse, issues with the law, etc. Do your best to symbolize the relationships among key people and leave blank the parts of your family history that you cannot complete.

3. Convert your genogram into a PDF file before posting your assignment For instructions on how to convert a .gno to a .pdf, see this forum: Geriopro Support Forum ‘

4. Write a one-page reflection on your experience analyzing the genogram and the diagram. Answer:

o How did you research your genogram, and what was the process like? What did you learn about your family?

o Identify the ecological systems your discovered in your genogram.

o How have the family histor’ social/cultural beliefs, and ecological contexts influenced how you live your life now?

o How can an awareness of family history enhance or influence professional practice as an early childhood


5. Submit both your genogram PDF and reflection to the drop box provided.

Note: If there is a reason that you cannot complete this assignment using your own family history, please contact the instructor to discuss an alternative approach to this assignment. Confidentiality will be respected and you are not

required to share information you do not want to disclose.

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