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the assignment requires to create an E-health java program, the idea is that a user enter the username and password to enter the program ( no need for an existent user, so enter any username and any password to enter the program) then the user will have 3 options. First, is to input the name of the medicine that they want ( since this is a basic program the list of all medicines in the program will be provided to the user before using the program) or they can input the symptoms and allergies ( 5 or 6 allergies and symptoms is enough )  in the search, and the result will be all the information about the recommend medicine(price, usage, side effects ... etc) . Second option the user can have the option to review the medicines that they viewed in the past ( meaning while the program is running if the user searched for a medicine and got the result they have the option to view their list of results ). third option is to compare two medicines ( so in this case lets say the user want to compare between 2 headache medicines and see which one is better, they can input both of the medicine names and get the result of for example price and less side effects).

The data base where all the medicines should be in is a text file.


there is some attached files for furthers explanation.

-class diagram that include all classes im working on ( in the program the classes should have the same name and instincts as the class diagram im providing since the grade will make sure they are the same in order to get  a good mark )

-sequence diagram will show how the program should run.

P.S. this is the second time i have posted this question. the first time no one bothered to give me an update or say what was wrong that no tutor accepted this assignment. so if there is something wrong that u wont accept this assignment please mention it.

Instruction Files

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