Each book will be printed in one line. The first character of Title should be lined up, and the same for the Author.

computer science


You are to write a program that uses classes to read in information of books, print them (in unsorted order), sort them and print them (in sorted order) again.


There are two classes you will implement: CBook, and CLibrary.  There header files are provided below.



#pragma once


#include <string>


class CBook



        std::string     mTitle;

        std::string     mAuthor;

        int             mYearPublished;




        CBook(std::string Title, std::string Author, int YearPublished);



        std::string     GetTitle() const;

        std::string     GetAuthor() const;

        int             GetYearPublished() const;

        void            SetBook(std::string Title, std::string Author, int YearPublished);

        void            SetTitle(std::string Title);

        void            SetAuthor(std::string Author);

        void            SetYearPublished(int YearPublished);

        void            Swap(CBook &Book);








#pragma once


#include "CBook.h"


class CLibrary



        int             mNumBooks;

        CBook           *mBooks;

        std::string     mInputFileName;

        std::string     mOutputFileName;




        CLibrary(std::string InputFileName, std::string OutputFileName);




        void    Sort(CBook *Books, int Size);



        void    ReadBooks();

        void    Sort();

        void    PrintBooks(std::string Header);






Input spec:

            First line:                     Number of books

            Second line down:      Repetition of the following (Number of books) times:

Title,                (in a line by itself)

Author,                        (in a line by itself)

Year Published            (in a line by itself)


            •           In the destructor, you need to perform a thorough cleanup.  If there are dynamically allocated arrays or memories that have not been deleted, you need to delete them.  If there are files still opened, you need to close them.  This will be checked strictly.

            •           If you need to add member variables and/or member functions, make them private.

            •           Each book will be printed in one line.  The first character of Title should be lined up, and the same for the Author.

            •           In the first three lines of the output, print your name, section, and assignment number.


The official input will be available by 5/26/2020.


In every program file (.cpp and/or .h) you turn in, use comment lines to show the following:

            //Your name


            //Assignment number

Submissions with no name, section, and assignment number will be asked to resubmit.


Turn in the following for credit.

            all .cpp files

            output file


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