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Andrea Lustgarten


Liminality  To be in transition

  •  On the threshold.
  •  On the cusp.
  •  On the verge.
  •  “In between.”

1. Separation  Who you are pre-transformation.

2. Liminal- Identity suspended  Blank slate  Crisis vulnerability disorientation.

3. Reassimilation  Figure out how you’re going to become the person you’re supposed to


**You were A, now you’re B. You don’t look in between**

Characteristics of Liminality:

1. Total emersion.

2. No playbook  No protocol for behavior.

3. No context  Doesn’t exist as its own entity.

4. Ambiguity or no classification.

5. Powerlessness.

6. Promise of epiphany.

7. Creativity is the way for which these phases are entered.

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